Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Tube Sensory Play & Momma Mar's Activity Corner #6

Time for another round! Sorry I haven't been around much this week, I've been really busy! My husband sprained his ankle this weekend, and I started my Mary Kay business. Busy busy! If you're interested in buying anything, or becoming a MK Consultant feel free to email me with questions, or you can check out the products through my website, here.

I meant to post this fantastic free DIY toy yesterday, but like I said.. busy busy!
These fabric tubes are super easy to make! And play time has endless possibilities with them. Grab toilet paper tubes, or paper towel tubes, cut them to whatever size you want (I hacked TP tubes in half to make ten tubes) and then modpodge scrap fabric onto them! I left a little bit of spare fabric at the ends, and modpodged them to the inside of the tubes because my little girl is a picker. But, you can just hack the extra end fabric off if you want to. I also used different types of fabric, for different textures to make it even more appealing!

Once finished you and your little one can stack them, roll them, put things in them and through them, whatever you can think of!

Easy peasy and tons of fun!

Here's my favorite link up from last week! *drum roll*
The classic Egg Carton Ant by How Charming, Zeeuh!
The classics always have a place in my heart. I also have a fondness for crafts you can make with things you already have around your home. You can also take this activity above and beyond and create an entire ant farm!

Mar @ Raising Bean

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  1. Neat idea to switch play up for your toddler. I am not sure how my son would do with these ... whether he would crush them or stack them :) you know? Can't wait to see. Thanks for the idea.

    BTW, I am now following from sunny Florida :)

    Best wishes to you for your new business.

  2. What a fun activity!! I'm with Lea; I'm not sure what my son would do with them. They might become something to launch! I'd love to cohost one week if you still need someone! (And thanks for the reminder email earlier!)

  3. This activity is cute!!

    Thanks for the feature! :)

    Alicia @
    How Charming, Zeeuh!

  4. Hi! Love your blog :) Hopefully when my own little guy gets better I'll have some cool stuff to share here! Hopefully you'll get a chance to come check out my little blog :)

  5. Brilliant project! Safe, inexpensive, and oh so cool!

    Come join my blog hop! :-)

  6. I did something similar with my 2 year old niece over the weekend. I gave her a toilet paper tube, which she kept calling her telescope, so cute, but let her draw on it with crayons and put stickers on it. That way she had the work of decorating it, rather than me.