Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baptism & Beer

Earth Day 2012, our little bean gets Baptised. She looked so cute in her little bonnet and long white dress. I was worried she would cry when we handed her over to our reverend, or when the baptismal water was poured over her head. But not my bean! She loves splashing in water, bath time is her favorite time after all. Not gonna lie, I got teary multiple times throughout her baptism while we presented her to be received into the Episcopal Church. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of. I've seen, and been a part of the congregation, for multiple baptisms growing up. It was just so different to stand up there, and have it be for my daughter, my flesh and blood. Family was there to support her. My best friend was there to stand up and present her with us, as her Godmother. Afterwards the church had cake to celebrate! It was so welcoming, I really love our church. Then the whole family came back to our house and had lunch together, to spend some quality time. It was a really nice day, I'm so blessed. We're so blessed.

Now for the beer.

So little baby bean, is slowly becoming little toddling bean. The other day she took five slow steps in a row. Today my husband had a glass of beer while sitting on the floor near where she was playing. Thanks to our decision to do Baby Led Weaning with her, she wants to try everything we're eating or drinking. So like I said, my husbands on the floor with a glass of beer while our bean is standing up playing with her favorite, most obnoxious toy. It's this zebra that she can push, ride, or scoot on. She eyeballs my husband's alcoholic beverage, and decides she wants some so she takes about four methodical steps over to him. Luckily, my husband has learned the ways of diverting our adorable daughter. So he distracts her and a she goes back to playing. About a minute later she takes another few wobbly steps towards him trying to get his beer again. Determined little bean! Part of me wonders what she would've done, or what face she would've made had we let her have a taste of his Newcastle. Maybe in a few more years, with a camera ready!


  1. Congratulations on her baptism! That's SO wonderful - can't imagine what it was like for you, I'd have been a big ball of tears, lol.

    Can't believe she's toddling around already! Go, Bean, go! :)

    1. Thanks Lindsay. It was harder to keep the tears in during her christening, than it was for our wedding! :)