Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Post!

How exciting! Once I hit publish, my blog "Raising Bean" is officially up and running. Scary! Exciting!!

Let me tell you a little about my thoughts for this blog.. There are so many crunchy/granola/hippie/natural blogs out there. While, this is how our family lives, and my husband and I parent, it's not all there is to us. So yes, I will occasionally be talking about our cloth diapers, bed-sharing, breastfeeding and many other topics. I wont be preaching. I will, occasionally, be venting. I also will be just giving anecdotes from our day to day life. I want you to really be able to get inside our family, and understand why we're living the way we are. I want you all to see how much love and happiness there is within my little family.

So, I think I'll end my first post with how I spent my evening yesterday. :)

My husband was working, so it was just me and the bean at home with all the pets. I was texting my friend Lindsay, Designer Wife, trying to think of a name for this blog of mine. While I'm brainstorming my little bean decided it was time to go CrAzY! She crawled full speed to the dog bowl, dunked her hand in it, and started drinking the water from her fingers.

Now, my husband and I are not the "OMG! Gerrrrmmmsss!!" kind of people. So, I didn't freak out. Playing in the pets water dish is a daily occurrence. My kid loves water. Bath time, water bowl time, she doesn't care, how it's prepared, it's something to splash in! Last night though... she was continually drinking from it. So I picked her up, carried her back to the play area, gave her a sippy cup of water so she could quench her thirst.

Silly me! What was I thinking when I thought she had to have been drinking the pets water because she was thirsty! One sip from her sippy cup and she tossed that bad boy over her shoulder like a live grenade and sprint crawled for the pets water bowl. So I watch her. Same thing, dunk slurp, dunk slurp. I laugh (not my best idea, but it was funny), get up, and carry her back to the play area, and again give her the full sippy cup. Want to guess what happened next? That's right, toss the grenade, rush back to the water bowl. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After the fourth time I'm just lying on the floor laughing my butt off at her. Bean's at the water bowl laughing her butt off at me. I've given up. I pick my battles, and dogs mouths are cleaner than humans anyways. Apparently that's all she wanted, to win that hilarious battle. She pivoted on her booty and charged her way back over to me. She stops centimeters away from touching me, kneeling over me. I can tell by the devious look in her eyes she's plotting to do something. FWOMP! Oof! There it is. Bean belly flopped on my stomach that was still full from dinner. Then she snuggled in, and we cuddled until bed time rolled around. Oh, sweet bean, you keep my life so colorful!

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