Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stamping Fun

Bean is obsessed with coloring! Chalk, crayons, pencils, you name it, she'll use it. Finger painting is not an activity she is fond of though. This play in the dirt, rough and rowdy 20 month old does not appreciate getting goopiness on her fingers. Stamps with paint however, are a fantastic alternative to finger painting!

Bean had two stamps to play with. The first one was just a toilet paper roll, aka a circle stamp. The second TP roll, I pinched out a part for the bottom and pinched the opposite side inwards so it made a heart shape. To make sure the stamp retained its adorable heart formation I used tape around the curved bits to hold it up. Think of it like a tape corset for a TP roll. Super easy to make, free, and entertained Bean long enough that I could load and unload the dishwasher in peace.

She seriously loved this activity. Next time I'll try to make difference shapes for her, like a square, and triangle. I also loved that she had a little bit of paint on her, but nothing that required a full bath to clean up. I think this is another activity we'll have to add to our weekly list of fun things to do!

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