Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grilled Veggie & Swiss Sandwich

This sandwich was amazeballs. Seriously. Ah-mazing. I was craving a fancy grilled cheese for lunch. Usually I stick to my classic Brie and Jam grilled sandwich when this urge arises, but Bean has been on a fruit kick recently and I wanted to make something to get more veggies back in her diet. Let me say, this sandwich was a hit for her and me!

Looks delicious, right?! I love colorful food, it just seems so much more palatable to me for some reason.

2 slices swiss cheese
a few pieces of thinly slices red onion
a few slices of sliced cucumber (about 4-6 slices depending on how much you like cucumber)
1/4 cup of grated carrot
blue cheese dressing
2 slices of bread (I used honey oat)

Spread a thin layer of dressing on each slice of bread. Place a piece of swiss cheese on one slice of bread. Then layer the cucumber so it covers the whole sandwich, cover the cucumber with the carrots and then throw some onion on top of that. Place your last piece of cheese on top of the onions and top with the remaining slice of bread. Slap on some butter to the outside of the bread and grill it up however you like it!

Having a piece of cheese on both sides of all the veggies really helps hold them in place while your eating it. True fact! The gooey cheesy goodness holds it all together, I didn't loose a single slice of veggie. I hope you all enjoy this sandwich as much as Bean and I did.


  1. I love that she eats that well! Seriously, it's amazing.

    1. Seriously, I really believe its because we did Baby Led Weaning and skipped purees. Nt only does she eat solid food better than most kids her age, but she makes healthier choices than I ever would've anticipated!