Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preparing To Take Flight!

We fly on Thursday! Amazingly my nerves now, compared to when I wrote this previous post, are much calmer. Well, at the moment they're much calmer we'll see how they are come Thursday morning as we wake up early to head to the airport.

I ended buying this travel case for our car seat. It's nylon, and not padded, but that okay it'll still protect from rips and scratches. It has wheels so we can lug it around the airport easily, and a shoulder strap if my husband decides to carry it. I like that the whole front part unzips so we can place our little bean in it to sit if the airport is crowded and there isn't a chair available to her... Although she'll probably just sit in my lap no matter where we are. It's also big enough to easily fit out convertible Britax car seat, and those are big car seats! Ginormous!

I'm going to leave the stroller at home, and wear her in the Ergo through security and the airport. The thought of having her on me through all of that eases my mind a little. I don't have to worry about her running off, or trying to escape.

We got Bean her own backpack, it's sooo cute! That way she has a carry on for books and toys. She loves wearing it too, I think it's because it makes her feel helpful. I'm also bringing my iPad which I've loaded digital copies of Up and Despicable Me onto it to hopefully distract her. I also have Disney Junior App on there, but I don't think that works without Wifi. Guess there's only one way to find out!

Our flight has one stop, with a 2 hour layover. So that'll give us time to grab something to eat, and let rambunctious little bean run around and get some energy out before we hit the air again. I was also able to snag a window seat on both flights, with my husband right next to me, so there will be as little chance as possible for nipple flashage (yes, that's a word) to everyone around us. My awesome mom also paid to let us upgrade our seats so we could get the extra leg room! Hurray! My plan is to nurse her on take off and landing and anytime she starts to get fussy. In case that doesn't work the way I'm thinking it will, I'm going to pick up some lolipops for her to suck on, along with a sippy cup o' water. I can't see her not nursing, unless she's too distracted by everything. I'm just hoping whoever sits on the aisle seat of our row is a mom/grandma/hippie cause that'll make it easier than someone who thinks breastfeeding is "exposing myself" *rolls eyes*.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll let you know how the trip goes once we're back. Any last minute advice, encouragement, stories you'd like to share with me about flying... I'd LOVE to hear them!


  1. When I flew with a baby I had planned to nurse taking off too, but then the stewardess asked me to keep the little one in an upright position, head on my shoulder, during take-off and landing.

    The last time I flew I was worried about the children getting bored and I packed a ton of things to entertain them, and then we got onto the airplane and there were personal televisions in the seat ahead of everyone and it was actually disappointing we didn't bother doing any of the activities I planned, everyone just zoned out privately in their own television world.

    Good luck! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes! We'll be flying with both of our little ones in a couple months. I previously flew when our oldest was 10 months and was able to nurse her at takeoff. By landing, she was asleep. I hope it goes well for you!

  3. Good luck! I flew home with my 17 month old (15 months old at the time) and it was horrible. Mostly for two reasons. (1) I was flying by myself, so I was there in the airport with our carry on bags, my purse, her stroller, all her toys and snacks, and my adorable little monster who I suspect had been drinking 5-hour energy drinks all night. (2) I didn't have a carseat and had to hold her for the 2 hour ride. Thankfully though, the lady I sat next to was studying to be a pediatrician, and was great with kids, so that made it much better. Still though, I will NEVER fly alone again, or without a carseat.

    My biggest piece of advice for you is to make sure you have plenty of snacks and juice, especially for take off. If she's munching on something odds are her ears won't start popping due to the altitude. Good luck again! Be sure to let us know how it turns out.


  4. I was able to wear my son through security one way and the other way they wanted my carrier to go through the machine. it depends where you're traveling from whether they'll let you keep her on you. you can definitely carry her through though! I've never had any trouble nursing on takeoff or landing - no one told me the baby had to be upright or whatever!

  5. You'll do fine. If you're stressed out, she'll sense it. following your blog now to keep up with your ventures!