Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post Flight Update

So we're home.. Finally! The trip was busy busy, but completely worth it! Just like I had imagined would happen... All of my worrying was for nothing. Bean did great on the plane, minimal fussing. Most of it was while we were sitting in the plane after boarding, while waiting to get moving to take off. Once we started moving she was good to go. She nursed on every take off and landing, well every landing that she was awake for.

Our plan of gate checking the car set worked out great, and my husband had no problems wheeling it around the airports. I wore her through the airports, no issues with that through security they just had to wipe my hands to make sure I wasn't making bombs. O, and for all you other Britax convertible car seat owners they don't fit through the X-ray machines, so TSA had to wipe it down to check for bomb stuff too. Not a big deal, except TSA people are dumb and thy tried to tell us that the base comes off. No, it doesn't you pompous TSA man, and if you break my $300 car seat, you will regret this red head (who was PMSing at the time) freaking the freak out all over you. Yeah! What?! Bring it! Eventually they listened and stopped trying to dismantle the car seat.

The biggest thing I took away from this trip, is that to have a successful trip with a toddler you've got to go with the flow. Bend when the wind blows, and all that kind of stuff. I think if I had been more strict to the schedule or worried more about where/what we ate at the airport that there could've been a lot more drama coming from my child. Thankfully her good nature, and my husbands, and mine easy going attitudes made for pleasant travel for all four flights.

That's really all I have to report right now, I'll post some pictures from the wedding later :) the photog had to back out at the last minute so I help by stepping in - thankfully I had taken my fancy DSLR. Of course my darling Bean was the most adorable flower girl ever.

Oh! And if you ever go to Wichita KS make sure to check out the zoo! It was amazing!! Seriously awesome. I can't wait to take Bean again when she's a little bit older.


  1. lol about the car seat. I think they should make all TSA people take a mandatory baby equipment class. Last time I flew, I saw them trying to do the same thing to this mother who looked horrified as they tore apart her kiddos stroller. Meanies...

    Happy the trip went well.

    Btw, I think you meant to title your post "Post Flight Update." lol


    1. Lol I did! That's what I get for writing it on my iPad. Damn autocorrect! Let me go fix that....