Friday, June 8, 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

On Wednesday, I decided to cut our get ready time in half. Instead of giving Bean her bath after her nap, and then I take a shower while she runs around my bedroom air drying her goodies out, I decided to shower while she bathed. We used her bathroom since her shower/tub is longer and more accommodating than using my stand alone shower would be.

She was so excited for bath time. She's always so excited for bath time. Seriously. Hands down, best thing that happens during the day for her. Turn on the faucet, and she goes running into her bathroom squealing like a pig in a mud puddle. She likes to stand at the edge of her tub and reach over to try to catch the water that's tumbling out of the spout, rushing around filling up her tub.

Today however, there was no fill up. There was no water coming out of the big, shiny faucet. It was raining down from the shower head above. Poor little Bean was so confused. So, I did the logical thing. I stripped her down, plopped her in there with here toys, and took pictures. She stood there with her wash cloth held out in front of her while it soaked up as much water as it could hold. Then, once I got in there and joined her she sat down with her toys and stared at me through the water stream with a distressed, confused, on the verge of maybe crying expression on.

Once I finished, I sat down with her, plugged the drain, and we played with her toys while we let the shower water fill up the tub a little bit. Once we were nestled in a few inches of warm water, she nursed for comfort after dealing with the new unknown shower aspect. Then we splashed around and had a bunch of laughs. I made a huge mess, there was water all over the bathroom, puddles on the floor just outside of the tub. Whoops! This memory was definitely worth the little bit of clean up afterwards. Once my prune fingered bean was washed clean, and smelled fresh, I got her out of the tub and put the hooded towel on her head and let her walk around wearing it like a cape.

All in all, we did save a lot of time getting ready today. There were no tears either. I would call that a success! So, it is something we will be doing again, when we're in a time crunch. Maybe one day she'll be brave enough to stand under the water pouring from the shower head with me.