Sunday, June 10, 2012

Featured on The Sasse Life's Sunday Social!

Kim, from The Sasse Life, has been awesome enough to Feature me on this weeks Sunday Social! Thanks Kim!

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Featured Blog:

  Hi! I'm Mar, I used to be a veterinary technician, but now I'm a
full time stay at home mommy. My blog is all about my life, and raising
my daughter. Full of stories, concerns, and adorable photos of my little
bean, readers can go through my thoughts and step into our life as
attached parents. I refer to myself as crunchy, but not full granola,
and my baby girl is a huge adventurer who's always laughing, and making
me laugh right along with her. The recent TIME Magazine article created
huge debates between moms about attachment parenting, or not, my blog
will help you see what a life as an attached family is really like. It's
normal, I swear! So head over and take a look, if nothing else you can
just stare at the cute pictures of my adorable bean!

1. I write left handed, but do everything else right handed
2. The bed has to be made before I can get into it. But I'm too lazy to make it every morning so I usually make it right before I go to sleep.
3. I desperately want to own a dairy cow.
4. Putting on my mascara with my mouth closed is impossible.
5. I rewrote the chorus to Lady Gaga's "Edge Of Glory" to "the poops on the edge of the diaper.." and I sing it to my little bean every time I clean up a #2.

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  1. I make the bed just before I get into it too! My hubby and I get up at different times, because he works from 3p-11p. Then the baby takes a nap in it from 3-5, so there's never a chance to make it before sleep. :) Bean is absolutely adorable! I'm a new follower, can't wait to explore your blog!

    1. Glad I'm not alone in making the bed before I get in it! My husband works the night shift, so there's no sense in making it when I get up. Thank you for following! :)

  2. Saw your post on the Sasse Life's blog and just wanted to tell you again just how much I love your blog! It's soooo cute and I really love reading about that little doll and her wonderful mommy. :)

  3. Found your adorable blog through The Sasse Life. Following along now! Would love it if you come follow me back. I have a little girl as well! They are such a blessing!