Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

How exciting! My friend and sponsor Cassie, over at Two In Diapers, nominated me for this award! Thanks Cassie! Now to do my part, and then nominate seven others.

1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2. Answer seven questions.
3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself. 
4. Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.

1. What is your favorite song? Ooo, that's a toughie! It's a tie between "Tiny Dancer" Elton John or Tim McGraw's version (Love them both!), and "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney (it's my husbands and mines song).

2.What is your favorite dessert? Carrot cake, hands down. Always has been, always will be.

3. What do you do when you are upset? Well, that's a vague question. What kind of upset? If I'm sad, I cry. If I'm mad, I snap at people. I try to take a few minutes to myself before it gets that far though.

4. Which is your favorite pet? I love all my pets. If I had to choose, it'd be a three way tie between my boys. Toby, my old man husky. Gusto, my baby boy Pit Bull (you can read about him here). Sisko, my rock, my team mate, my horse.

5. Which do you prefer, white or whole wheat? Whole wheat, besides the nutritional benefits it has over white bread.. I think it tastes better!

6. What's your biggest fear? You mean besides Dr. Hart not ending up with Wade, on Hart of Dixie?! Something tragic happening to my family. I've already lost one family member suddenly, I'm not sure how I'd handle losing another.

7. What is your attitude mostly? I'm mostly happy and sarcastic. I tend to look for the positive in things, and the beauty. But I do love being sarcastic to tease people, oh I love it very much.

Ten Random Fact About Me
1. I still sleep with my baby blanket. Yes it came on my honeymoon with me,

2. My favorite genre of books to read are fantasy, and the classics.

3. I wish I could have lived during the time of Eizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.

4. I Love Star Wars! But only episodes IV, V, and VI.

5. I'm secretly hoping my daughter is still nursing next year so I have an excuse to take her to Disney World with us for our fifth anniversary trip.

6. Terrible movies are my favorite! In The Name Of The King, awful! But I love it.

7. I have an obsession with accessories, but I rarely wear them.

8. My best friends live in Chicago, and England. I'm located in Virginia, so we rarely see each other.

9. My baby girl dresses better than I do.

10. SoCo and Ginger Ale is my favorite mixed drink! So delicious!!


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