Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope all you moms had a great day! I also hope all of you remembered to call your mothers to say "happy mothers day" if nothing else.

My first mothers day, with an outside baby, was crappy and fantastic all at the same time. I woke up with a horrendous migraine! Nausea, light sensitivity, the works! Then I rinsed my contact with the hydrogen peroxide cleaner, instead of my rinse, so it burned the eff out of my eye. Finally got the lense out, and walked around slowly, with my right eye clamped shut while trying to avoid three bouncy dogs. Of course my little bean was giggling at the funny face I was making. Made the throbbing pain in my head, and stinging in my eye a little more bearable. I managed to make it downstairs with the herd of babies, human and fur covered. I also managed to get a fresh diaper on Bean's little booty before having to toss some cookies into the porcelain throne. Then I hit the couch and remained there for most of the morning. Luckily the dogs have big bladders, and my happy little girl can entertain herself. All I had to do was make sure she didn't hurt herself, and occasionally let her nurse.

What felt like an eternity later, my husband finally came home. In reality it was about thirty minutes later. Bless his heart, he came prepared to give me the best first mothers day ever. My favorite flowers, donuts, bagels, pancak and bacon. Two cards, one from him and one from our bean, both made me cry. I also received a big beautiful black leather jewelry box, so I can finally put all my shiny things in a proper storage place, instead of ziplock baggies. Exciting! I however was on a crappy migraine ride and couldn't enjoy any of it. Bummer.

Another exciting and unexpected surprise was my daughter decided to take a two hour nap with me. When we woke up the side effects of the migraine had subsided even though the throbbing head pain was still there. At least I could now stomach a sesame bagel covered in apple butter. The headache stayed all day, but the nausea stayed away thankfully. My husband, the amazing man he is, stayed home to take care of me. So although it wasn't the first mothers day I imagined in my head, it was just as good if not better.

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