Saturday, August 31, 2013

Minnie Mouse Ear Bows

So I've been getting everything together for Disney World. All of our Tinkerbell presents for Bean, packing list, money to pay the pet sitter, etc. But today I decided to get crafty! I made Bean a pair of bows that looks like Minnie Mouse ears. I had no tutorial to go off of, so it was all done with fingers and toes crossed. I didn't have the thought to write out a tutorial for you guys, but I promise with the next pair I make I will remember too! I couldn't be happier with how these bows turned out!! Totally cute, right?!

 photo 37d3cc8d-10c3-4911-b786-095027fe404c_zps49789c20.jpg


  1. Beautiful photo! Amazing little Minnie princess!