Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Potty Training an 18 Month Old

The most adorable, bare butt baby you've ever seen was running around my house this evening. She gave me a goofy grin, then pointed at her lady bits. "Do you have to pee?" I asked her. She points at her bits again. "Where do you go pee?" I question her. She races towards the powder room, and sits her naked booty on her little potty seat. She sits for 30 seconds, stands up, takes one step out of the bathroom and pees on the carpet. I just sit there clapping and smiling like a buffoon.

If you haven't guessed already, that bare butt baby is Bean. She's been showing signs of potty training readiness the past few weeks. Like, telling us when she's peed or pooped, holding her bladder when she's napping (seriously, her diapers are bone dry after her naps), but the biggest sign to me is that we'll let her run around diaper-less for over an hour and she wont have an accident but then she points to her hoo-ha and I'll put a diaper on her and within a few minutes she's soaked through the diaper. Those are some good signs, right?!

A few days ago we bought her a training seat, and I've been taking off her diaper and sitting her down on it every time I go to the bathroom. She sits there unrolling all the toilet paper, then helps me flush once I'm finished. This evening was the first time we attempted actual potty training tactics, and we weren't even that hardcore about it. So considering that, the story you read in the first paragraph is a HUGE deal.

My kid is amazing. She's so going to be potty trained before her second birthday!


  1. Awesome! This sounds crazy to me when I think that in 6 months or so my little girl could be starting the same thing!!

    Way to go, momma! And baby bean! :)