Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beach Trip With A Toddler

So we finally took Bean to the beach for the first time. Spent a WHOLE week there too. Thankfully, she loved it! Else it would've been a loooooong week. I was pretty certain she would like it, since she's a completely and total water baby - but you never know with kids. She wasn't too sure about the ocean at first, but quickly warmed up to it and was dragging her daddy and me into it with her. We also took a day to travel to a Assateague Island and see some wild ponies! Ah-mazing!

Here are some tips I have for making the best out of your trip to the beach with your toddler!

Don't push them. If they're not interested in the water, or hesitant, don't rush it. Don't force them. It'll only make it more of a stressful situation, instead of a fun one. I know this sounds like common sense... but let's face it, common sense isn't common. I saw lots of parents putting their kids into the crashing waves, when the kids were clinging to their mom/dad for dear life. Bad memories are not worth it, take it slow!

If they want to dump sand all over you, and your blanket, let them. In a few more years they'll want nothing to do with you. So savor those moments (even if they leave you with sand in unfavorable places) when they want to involve you. Besides, get over yourself, you're at the beach you gonna get sand all over you. There's an ocean close by to rinse off in.

Make sure to bring shovels and buckets! Your child will explore and investigate as much as they can, give them tools to do so! Let them chase the obnoxious seagulls, let them dig big holes and refill them, over and over and over and over.... It's how they learn. Take pictures so you can remember those moments in ten years.

Relax. You're on a vacation, at the beach, do you really need to stress over little things that could ruin your good mood? At the end of the day whatever is annoying you isn't going to matter. Let. It. Go. Play with your toddler, interact with him/her. Relax and have fun! You deserve it.

And because the wild ponies were SO COOL!


  1. So cute! Last time we took my little one to the beach she was 5 months old and scared to death of the water. Now that she's older and braver, though, I can't wait to take her again! I love your tips. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. New follower from the GFC blog hop! Have a great week! Stacie xo