Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sponsor Post: The Grant Life

Hiiiii Raising Bean friends!  My name is Kelley and I blog over at the Grant life.  I am so excited to be here today!  I love Mar.. and her Bean!

At the Grant life I share all kinds of awesome-ness.. like recipes, crafts, a weekly link party and a ton of stories about my kids.  [Well its awesome in my mind. ha!]  Those two kiddos are my babies.. Ryley and Avery.  I am so lucky to be a stay at home mom and hang out with them all day.

Today Im going to share a super easy recipe with yall.  I mean way easy.  Im kinda embarassed to share it because its so simple, but my kids loved [LOVED] it so I thought maybe other kiddos would.  I know how hard it is to get a toddler to eat.  Trust me.  

This what you will need to make your fish bread pizza.  Have yall seen the Gold Fish bread?  My kids are crazy about it.. so I try to give it to them as often as possible.  Plus, cheese and ketchup are stables in my house.  My daughter can [and has] had a whole meal of just ketchup.

Now all you do is layer your ketchup, cheese and pepperoni on your fish bread.  Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and let it cool.  Stand back and watch your kids attack their lunch.  Seriously.. I couldnt even get a picture because they mowed it down so fast!  Not complaining, just saying.  

See?  That was so simple.  I hope yall will come over to my place and say hello!  [the Grant life]  Im also on Facebook and twitter.. so lets be friends!  Thanks for having me Mar!  


  1. I'm sure my girl would love this and what mom doesn't love something so easy!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so precious! Lol She's eaten a whole meal of ketchup! Lol!! That's hilarious, and those look yummy! I think I'll try the next time my son is being picky with his food! I know he'd love this!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    I'm excited to

  3. Must. Do. This. :D I love that bread--how cute is that?! I'm glad that you posted this, because I've never thought to use that bread for this, before. Noted :) Pinned :) <33