Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mess Free Window Painting

So you know the mess free finger painting that's been floating around Pinterest? Well, I never have luck taking the paper out of this, and Bean always tries to hold it upright so I began to think about where I could put finger paint, in a ziplock baggie, so it would be upright for her to mess around with. Originally I thought I'd just tape it to the wall but then I worried that would promote the idea of drawing on walls is okay. Didn't even want to test that road out. Then I had a brilliant idea!

I'll tape the ziplock bag, with the finger paint inside of it (no paper) to a window! That way she could "paint" with the bag upright, and the sun through the smeared paint would be fun for her to experiment with. I put two primary colors in each bag, and taped top and bottom of the bags to our sliding glass door. Then I let Bean go to town with moving the paint around and mixing the colors. One of the best parts? It's lasted for days. I literally had no extra air in the bags, and I guess because of that the paint hasn't dried yet. She was able to doodle about it over and over again. She loved it! It's definitely a simple activity, with big results that we will be doing again.