Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bean and the Cat Tree

Bean is forever exploring, and creating new games in her head. Recently she has discovered the crawl through section of our cat's cat tree. Just so you can better imagine what I'm talking about, this is the one we have in our home.
[Credit: petsmart.com]

She's discovered the round bit, down at the bottom. She puts things in it, she crawls underneath it, but her most favorite thing to do is to put her head in it. She looks in one side, and I look in the other. We stare at each other, while grinning like completely fools. Occasionally I send my pit bull to shove his head in opposite her, they both get super excited about that! Gusto, my pit bull, wiggles his butt around doing this dance I can only describe as a jello butt wiggle, because he shakes it all over the place with happiness and excitement. Bean screams and laughs with delight whenever he jams his big head into the tunnel.

When it's just me and her playing she always scrambles around to my side of the tunnel, gently removes my head and shoves her head into my side of the tunnel. You know cause the grass is greener on the other side. So I run to conquer her old side of the tunnel, and see what the view is like from there. Not so surprisingly, it's very similar! Lather rinse repeat. We'll play this game for hours.

She also has this pet stuffed dachshund which originally my husband and I had given the stuffed animal to his grandfather, because he loves our real life dachshund. But since we've had our little girl, her great grandfather, Great Papa, has given the stuffed dog to Bean. She likes to take the stuffed animal and put it in the tunnel. She likes to put other things in there too! Like my cell phone, car keys, sunglasses.... You know, the things you scramble around the house looking for as you're already late heading out the door to wherever you need to be. Yes, those are the things she likes to hide in this tunnel. For some reason, I never think to look for them in there. I've checked in the refrigerator for my sunglasses before, because you never know.... but I didn't look in the tunnel.

I'm sure now that I've caught on to her new hiding place, she'll find yet another one and I'll still be left scrambling at the last minute. C'est la vie!
I wouldn't have this life any other way.