Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ughhhh.. Teething!

Teething makes me not want to have anymore kids. It seriously sucks for everyone. Seriously. No really, it suuuucks. All the drool, gnawing, fussiness, lack of peaceful slumber, it's a recipe for unhappiness all around. Some parents are lucky and teething is not a big deal to their youngster. I am not one of those parents.

For those of you who don't know, teething starts way before a tooth ever comes through the surface. Their teeth are shifting around, getting into place, under the surface. My poor bean started at three months, her first tooth came up right before seven months.

There are plenty of ways to help numb or ease the pain from teething. The most common ways are Tylenol, or ibuprofen if they're over 6 months, lots of moms use Baby Orajel (it makes me nervous though, what if the numbing agent gets into their throat? That would not be good.), teething necklaces, hylands teething tablets, and so many more. I'm going to briefly talk about my favorite one, and then move onto other things that my help your little one with teething pain that you may already have around your house.

These thoughts are my own, and are what I have experienced. No one has asked me to write this, or told me what to write.

My favorite OTC item for battle teething is Camilia. I have to thank my friend Jess, who blogs over at Wives Unscripted, for telling me to pick it up. Before Camilia I used Hylands Teething Tablets, which worked well but not as well as Camilia. With Camilia I see relief on her face faster, and it seems to last longer than the teething tablets ever did. On really bad days I do resort to giving ibuprofen as needed, but I've rarely had to give it since we made the Camilia switch. It comes pressed, so you don't have to worry about giving the right amount since its a liquid. And it's all natural, so there's no risk of overdosing. You can give it up to every 15 minutes if your little one is having a rough time, and you have no other alternative. I was in that position the other day on a car trip to visit my horse, Camilia to the rescue!

Other things that I've found to be helpful are frozen washcloths, out them in the freezer damp and once they're solid let baby gnaw on them. Usually with those after a minute or so I hold it for her because her poor little fingers become icicles! Also we have these teething pacifiers (Bean does not take pacis, never has!) by Razbaby, that are silicone so you can freeze them if you want to. Those are great! Especially when you're out and about. She really loves these things, although they do promote a lot of extra drooling. I'm talking fountains spouting out of her mouth, extra drooling.

Two things that I have every summer I have found to also be great numbing things! These push ice pops are not only delicious, but they numb things up in no time. Bean and I will share one on her rough days, as a nice little treat for her... And me!

My adorable little bean's favorite thing right now are frozen green grapes! I cut them in half, long ways, for her and she devours them. Again, the coldness helps numb the pain and it's a healthy snack, or dessert, so no mommy guilt when giving them to her. She has pointed at them in the freezer, when I open it for something else, and then signs please after she points. Adorable, how can I say no to that?!

If you have any tricks or tips for how to survive teething for me, and any other moms out there, I'd love to hear them!

Now I'm going to leave you with an extra adorable picture I snapped of our bean the other day.


  1. My kiddies all had different teething problems..but I would put a wet washcloth in the freezer and then give it to them and they would put in there mouth and there mouth would get numb, I also used chewing teether rings, they worked well also, but it caused alot of drooling so I would have to buy those bibs with the plastic back so it wouldnt get there clothes all wet. I think anything cold is good!

    1. Anything cold definitely seems to help! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hello Mar! I loved your post and let me just say that your little bean is so adorable!!

    Teething can be truly horrible and I do think Camilia is a good choice.

    I also recommend Rosehip tea. Besides being a rich source of vitamin C, it truly relives the discomfort when suffering from teething. It's also a wise option for mothers, as it eases headaches, boosts the immune system and treats digestive problems.

    It has worked for me!

    Catnip tea is also very helpful to ease teething. It's a great herbal sedative and if your doctor agrees, you may give it to your little bean. It reduces the pain and brings down fevers caused by teething.

    Have you ever tried these options? If you do, let me know if they worked for your bean.

    I hope it helps you too!

    1. Thanks Maria! I'll definitely look into those. Tonight's been extra rough. Dang molars!

    2. Oh..I'm so sorry! Well give it a look and see if it works! Keep us posted.

      Best wishes!!!

  3. That last picture is adorable!!
    Thanks for linking up at my blog today, it's nice to come over here & see your blog! :)

    1. Thanks for hosting Heather! And coming to visit :) I meant to follow you on Twitter also, I'll go do that now!